There are always challenges in film production, let us provide the solutions.

About Us

Multi-Tool Media stands for creativity, collaboration, and customer service.

We are a turnkey boutique video production company with a multi-skilled crew who specialise in small footprint production but pride ourselves on creating big production results. Our backgrounds in adventure sports means that our self reliant, highly skilled and knowledgeable crew can access remote and difficult shooting locations and come away with cinematic images that tell stories which resonate with audiences. We work closely with our clients to create dynamic and effective content.

'Teamwork makes the dreamwork'

We understand that any film production, large and small scale, is always about teamwork and collaboration. To that end, we are prepared and ready to step up and help any department in any way the production requires, infact, we pride ourselves on getting along with everyone involved no matter if they are filmmakers, directors, producers, assistants, talent or the clients.


It is' apparent that the filmaking landscape has changed and will continue to do so. On the whole budgets are tighter and crews are smaller than they once were, therefore we are committed to provide our clients with a bespoke package to suit their needs and the needs of the specific production, we're happy to join a crew and provide a multitude of services in order to facilitate production.


Pete Firth heads up the team and has regularly been referred to as 'the multi-tool of the production world', one minute he's composing a brilliant cinematic angle or timelapse and the next he could be recording high fidelity sound, driving a camera car, rigging lights or cable camera systems, balancing a gimbal or flying a drone. Not only did this attitude to media creation give the company its name, it also drives our work ethics, we do what is needed to get the job done safely, on time and on budget, without compromising production value.


We have an innovative approach to filmmaking, employing and adopting new technology to help capture dynamic and captivating cinematography, from sliders to gimbals, cable cameras to drones, we embrace technology and understand how and when we can employ it to elevate your production.




''I love the challenge - chasing the light from sunrise to sunset. The challenge to find new and unique angles, challenge perspectives, and ultimatley share stories that resonate with the audience...''

Our many years of experience and our zest for artistic creation make us the ideal partner for all of your company's video production needs. It is important to us to speak with our clients in detail to be able to create something truly unique for their business. 


Looking for the perfect shot for your production?